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Winter Roof Replacement

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Winter Roof replacement, .. True or myth.

Winter roof replacement, is the oldest myth in the roofing industry and need to be clarify.. Winter roof replacement, ri roofing, roofing ri, ri roof, roof ri. most of people believe that roofing during the winter  is not possible, also believe that quality of the roof installation during the winter will be low.  Because that myth they schedule their important roof repairs or roof replacement for the spring, sometimes waiting until the summer. but today we will explain that this is a myth

The true about Winter roof replacement – break the myth.

Winter roof replacement is possible, perform roof replacement or roof Winter roof replacement, winter roof repair, winter roof leak repair repairs during the winter is ok, there is not  limitation  to perform winter roof replacement. The real true is most of roofing contractor don,t like to work during the cold winter weather and have spread a myth about winter roof replacement  to be able to keep the customers waiting for them. your leaking roof cannot wait for repairs, winter roof replacement is safe.

winter Roof replacement

1- Yes… winter roof replacement can be done.

2-  Winter weather does not affects the quality of roof shingles installation.

3- your important roof repairs cannot wait for lazy contractors afraid to work during the cold winter.

4- After roof installation, singles will looks lifting up during extreme cold weather condition.  But the shingles will lay down after few sunny days.

5- Roof replacement, roof  repair roof new roof installation can be done at any weather condition, including during very cold weather condition, except when the temperature is below zero degrees, only because the roofing tools like air roofing nail guns and air compressor get freezing and stop working.

6- the average temperature during most of the winter is around 35 degrees, winter roof replacement can be done most of the time, even during the most extreme winter condition, the temperature below zero degrees is very rare.  Making winter conditions good for work.

7- It is absolute false the myth that winter roof replacement cannot be done.

It,s safe ….. to perform roofing during the winter…???

Safety procedure, during winter roof replacement …   are the same in the summer, Spring or Fall. Yes,  Safety is not negotiable.  Safety harness, roof brackets and other safety measurements are taken at every roof replacement, regardless winter or summer.

Winter roof replacement …. How to roof after a snow storm:

winter roof replacement, Rhode island roofer, roofing during the winter, winter roof repair ri

there is tow ways to perform winter roof replacement after snow storm.

– The first one is the preparedness before the snow storm.  This consist is sending the roofing crew Winter roof replacement, winter roof repair, winter roof leak repair, winter roofing contractor ri to set up the roofing job before snow storm hit,  they will install the ridge brackets and the safety ropes to attach the safety harness prior the snow storm, to avoid going into a slippery winter roof replacement, winter roof repair, winter roof leak repair, winter roofing contractorroof and made them able to wear the safety harness before claiming into the roof.  the preparedness also includes install a roof tarp,  Allowing the snow to slip off the roof during the snow storm, after removing the tarp the roof will be clean and safe to work.

– The second way is … removing the snow after the storm.   this process consist in removing  the snow off the roof with extensions brackets and apply considerable salt over the shingles until the last piece of ice or snow is removed.  The roof won’t be claimed until is completely safe and walkable .

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RI Roofing Contractor, KAC. Construction- Roof Replacement 30% Off

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When Snow Storm & High Winds Damages your Roof, you may be entitle to an insurance claims

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Insurance roof claims.

The state of Rhode Island haven severe affected by the weather during this winter, we have had snow accumulation to the point that many commercial & residential roofing have been collapsing in Rhode Island & New England, if your roof have been damage by the winds or the snow storm you may be entitle to an insurance roof claims. Read more →

Roof installation Cranston RI.

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Roof Installation Cranston RI,  Domingo Nunez.

Roof installation Cranston RI

roof installation cranston RI, Rhode Island, 02905, Roof replacement done at 12 Haddon Hill, Cranston Rhode Island, 02905. Roof Installation Cranston RI, Domingo Nunez, Cranston RI, Roofers cranston cranston roof contractor.Customer : Domingo Nunez, tel. (401)941-6706, roof installation done February 4, 2013. & completed the same day. Call the customer and ask him for his testimonial and about grateful experience working with KAC. construction.

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Roof installation and everything related to the roofing Industry.

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